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What is Refinancing?

Mortgage refinancing in Bel Air, MD typically involves six simple steps—establishing your financial goals, speaking with a loan officer or applying online, choosing your loan program, submitting documents, processing, and closing.

Refinancing your home is a great step for anyone looking to consolidate debt, reduce monthly payments, or have cash available for home improvements.

How to Refinance

Establish your goals

What are your financial goals as a homeowner? Are you looking to reduce monthly payments, have cash available for home improvements, or consolidate debt? Determining what ranks at the top of your list will allow us to assist you as best we can.

Contact a loan officer or submit an online application

Loan officers are available to answer any and all questions one may have about the different options and programs available, as well as recommend a best fit for you.

Choose your loan program

Once you’ve spoken with your loan officer and decided which program is best for you, your loan officer will confirm details regarding rates, payments, and any specific details of the chosen program.

Submit documents

You will be provided a list of required documents to verify your information—these items will allow your loan to be approved and closed as quickly as possible. Preliminary loan disclosures will be distributed for your review and signature.


Your Processor will contact you shortly after receiving all of your documentation. Your file will then be submitted to an underwriter for review and formal approval.


After final approval, you will be contacted to schedule a closing/settlement date. Settlement appointments are typically brief, taking place at an approved location or the comfort of your own home.

My Approach

I put my commitment into every deal at Rock Spring Financial. This means that I will act as a Steward of your money by being your Advocate in what may be the most significant financial decision of your life.

My Team will ensure we are available when you need us and act quickly to provide answers to your important questions. This is why I give you direct contact to me throughout this process. That personal touch sets our firm apart from the rest.

You always can count on us to deliver – simply give me a call.

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