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Buying a home continues to be one of the best long-term financial decisions and housing options that someone can make. Though you can benefit from the long-term price appreciation while having a stable place to live, homes can be quite expensive. Due to this, you will likely need to take out a mortgage when buying a home. When you are looking to buy a home in the Bel Air, MD area, you should get a home loan through a trusted mortgage broker, such as Rock Spring Financial Group, LLC. There are various benefits that come with getting a mortgage from a broker. 



Expertise and Consultation

One of the reasons that you should work with a mortgage broker is that they will have the expertise and can offer consultation. There are a lot of choices to make when selecting a mortgage, and a broker can help you properly assess all the pros and cons of each option. This can ensure you select a product that is right for your situation. 

Access to Various Products

Another reason to get a mortgage through a broker is that they can provide you with access to various products. When shopping for a mortgage, there are many different types of loans. These include long-term, fixed-rate products, adjustable-rate mortgages, FHA loans, VA loans, and other types of financing. With a mortgage broker, you can choose between all these different options. 

Let Us Help You Find a Loan

When you start looking into the different types of loans available to you as a prospective homeowner, the options can be overwhelming and confusing. How do you know that you’re getting the most affordable option to secure your financial future?

At Rock Spring we apply our decades of experience and eliminate the confusion. You get a trusted partner to guide you step by step through the complex choices and applications, ensuring that you can find – and afford – the home of your dreams.

Loan Types Available

Conventional Loan

Conventional loans are mortgages not supported by any government agency. They are usually offered through a private financial entity like a bank, credit union, or mortgage company.

Fixed Mortgage

With the security of consistent monthly payments, fixed rate loans are the most popular option for those looking to purchase or refinance a home. Programs ranging from 10 to 30 years are offered for fixed rate mortgages.

VA Loans

Veterans Affairs (VA) loans are exclusively available to veterans, members of the military, and surviving spouses of veterans. Without any down payment or insurance premiums required, veterans and military members can become homeowners with ease.

FHA Loan

If you’re searching for alternatives to conventional financing, the US Government insures Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans. FHA loans include insurance premiums but provide flexibility with financial requirements.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) can significantly lower your payment with interest rates changing at a predetermined frequency. If you view your property as a short term stay, or anticipate a substantial increase in your income/property value in the next few years—an ARM may work best for you.

Ability to Shop Around

You can also benefit through a mortgage broker as they will have the ability to shop around. If you try to get a loan directly through a bank, you will likely not have much room for negotiating. However, a mortgage broker can take your information and get quotes from various lenders. This can help you find a lender offering a more competitive rate than other banks, which can help you save a lot of money over the loan. 

When you are looking for a home loan, Rock Spring Financial Group, LLC continues to be a great company to call. They can offer you customized services that will help ensure you understand your options and get a mortgage that is right for your situation. This can help to simplify the application process and ensure you get the best rate and fee structure possible with your home loan. 

My Approach

I put my commitment into every deal at Rock Spring Financial. This means that I will act as a Steward of your money by being your Advocate in what may be the most significant financial decision of your life.

My Team will ensure we are available when you need us and act quickly to provide answers to your important questions. This is why I give you direct contact to me throughout this process. That personal touch sets our firm apart from the rest.

You always can count on us to deliver – simply give me a call.

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